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Privacy Statement Stichting International Tax Center Leiden (ITC Leiden)
ITC Leiden processes personal data and uses cookies in this website. In this Privacy Statement we inform you about the purposes for which personal data are processed, how you can exercise your privacy rights and other information that may be of interest to you. In the cookie statement you can read which cookies are being used. 

This Privacy Statement applies to all activities (including browsing the website and using the webshop) of ITC Leiden. This Privacy Statement is current and includes the most up-to-date information.

ITC Leiden handles personal data in a careful manner and acts within the limits of the law, including the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Responsible and responsibility
ITC Leiden is responsible for following the GDPR. ITC Leiden believes it is essential that the personal details of its students, researchers, employees and visitors are handled and secured with the utmost care. We also want to be open about the way in which your data is processed by us, as explained below. The most important thing is that we always comply with the requirements set by the GDPR.

Why does ITC Leiden process your personal data?
The personal data collected from you will be used by ITC Leiden as it operates its normal business activities and for the proper performance of the statutory duties and obligations in the course of education and research. The most important areas where ITC Leiden processes personal data are:

A.  Administration and educational support: recruiting and selecting of new students; administering student information; providing information within internal and external parameters; recording grade results; issuing certificates, diplomas and degrees; creating and executing agreements with students; accessing customers, managing relationships and marketing; analyzing health, safety and security; analyzing the organization analysis; reporting on ITC development and management; validating information for accreditation studies; offering general advice and guidance;  performing an accounting audit; and overseeing dispute resolution. 

B. Personnel matters: the determination of salary entitlements; the creation and execution of the employment contract; the settlement of benefits in connection with dissolution of employment; the review of internal auditing checks; and the oversight of conditions with company medical care.

C. Operational management and finances: financial administration; managing purchasing and payment systems; executing and managing procedures aimed towards IT, legal affairs and other business operations; recruitment and selection of candidates and new employees; personnel management; providing information within internal and external parameters; creation and execution of agreements with employees, customers, consumers, suppliers and business partners; customer engagement; relationship management; marketing and market research; health, safety and security; organization analysis; development and management reporting; and handing complaints.

D. Facility matters: access and management systems, camera surveillance, management parking facilities.

E. General processes: web content management, maintaining a library system, physical and digital archiving,  overseeing the complaints procedure, including objections and appeals.

F. Scientific research.

ITC Leiden processes personal data on the basis of the website and the ITC Leiden webshop, such as personal data obtained through (contact) forms. This is done on the basis of permission or because of the legitimate interest of ITC Leiden. All processes in which personal data are processed are recorded in a register of processing activities. ITC Leiden has a complete and up-to-date overview of all data processing processes.

Who does ITC Leiden collect personal data on?
In the processes mentioned above, ITC Leiden collects data from various categories of data subjects:
• Prospective students 
• Students
• Alumni
• Employees, including lecturers, PhD candidates and applicants
• External parties, including temporary staff
• Website visitors (only after registration)
• Webshop customers

What types of personal data does ITC Leiden collect?
No personal data is collected when visiting our website; ITC uses only functional cookies.

When registering for a program via the website, the following personal data are collected:
•    Name and address details (name, address, postal or zip code, city, country)
•    Payment preference and / or bank account number (IBAN)
•    Phone number
•    Date of birth
•    Gender
•    E-mail address
•    Website traffic data 
•    Restricted work and training data

When purchasing using the webshop:
•    Name and address details (name, address, postal or zip code, city, country)
•    Payment preference and / or bank account number (IBAN)
•    Phone number
•    E-mail address
•    Website traffic data
•    IP address

ITC Leiden collects (personal) data directly from you; however, if necessary ITC Leiden also receives personal data via third parties insofar as this is in accordance with the law.

When can you give and withdraw permission?
ITC Leiden offers various activities that can only be performed by using your personal data.  Examples include when we use your (email) address to send a (Christmas) card, or if we send a newsletter or promotional e-mails.  We may also include your study characteristics for conducting research. Your data will only be used if you give explicit permission for this. You will always be informed of the purposes for which your data will be used, which data it concerns and to whom it is provided. If you give ITC Leiden permission for the use of personal data, you can always revoke this consent at a later date.

How does ITC Leiden ensure the confidential handling of your personal data?
ITC Leiden takes the handling of your personal data seriously. We take appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data. ITC Leiden only shares personal data in accordance with this Privacy Statement and only with third parties when this falls in accordance with the law and is handled securely.

Data sharing with third parties
On behalf of ITC Leiden, third parties can provide certain services in the process of completing business transactions. ITC Leiden makes agreements with any involved third party to ensure confidential and careful handling of your personal data. These agreements are contractually laid down in so-called ‘processor agreements’.

Your personal data will only be rented, sold or otherwise shared with or provided to third parties under strict conditions in order to fulfill a contractual obligation, such as shipping purchased webshop items. ITC Leiden may share your (personal) data with third parties if you have given permission for this yourself or if this is necessary for the execution of the agreement, as in the example above.

ITC Leiden provides personal data to enforcement authorities or anti-fraud organizations when this is necessary to comply with a legal obligation.

The categories of third parties with which ITC Leiden shares data are:
• Government authorities, such as the Tax and Customs Administration and the IND
• Law enforcement agencies
• Universities 
• Shipping and parcel service(s) – exclusively when involving the webshop

Transfer of your data outside the EU
On occasion ITC Leiden provides personal data to countries outside the EU. This occurs in the following situations: for communication with foreign students who are studying or want to study at ITC Leiden, and with students who are attending an ITC Summer Course abroad.

How long are the data saved for?
ITC Leiden stores your personal data in accordance with the GDPR. The data is not stored longer than is strictly necessary to achieve the purposes for which the data were collected.

Technical security 
In order to optimally protect your personal data against unauthorized access or unauthorized use, ITC Leiden applies appropriate security technology, such as data encryption. ITC Leiden also takes organizational measures to protect personal data against unauthorized access.  Should there be any breech of security ITC Leiden will ensure that you will be informed.  

Cookies and click behavior
Cookies are small pieces of information that are stored by your browser on your computer. ITC Leiden only uses functional cookies on its website as these are necessary for the proper functioning of the website. General visitor data is kept on our website, such as the most requested pages. The purpose of collecting these general visitor data is to optimize the layout of the website for you. You can set your browser so that you do not receive cookies during the visit to the ITC Leiden website.

Privacy policy of third parties
The ITC Leiden website contains links to other websites that do not belong to ITC Leiden. We can not accept responsibility for the way in which these parties deal with personal data. We therefore advise you to always inform yourself of the privacy policy of these parties or to contact them for a further explanation of their policy regarding the use of personal data.

How can you view, correct or delete your data? 
You can send a viewing or correction request to ITC Leiden. Please indicate clearly that this is a request for inspection or correction under the GDPR. You can also request that your data must be deleted; however, this is only possible if ITC Leiden can still fulfill its legal obligations, such as the statutory retention periods. Our contact details can be found at the bottom of this statement.

Please note that providing a copy of a proof of identity may be required to verify your identity. You can easily make a secure copy of your proof of identity with the government’s ‘Copy Id’ app that you can download from the Apple Appstore or Google Playstore. 

Send your request to the following email address: AVG@itc-leiden.nl and write down the request in the subject.

You are also entitled to submit a complaint about the use of your data with the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

Questions and contact 
Do you have any specific questions or comments about our privacy statement as a result of this information? Or do you want to submit a viewing or correction request? Please contact us. ITC Leiden will process your request within four weeks.

You can send your (written) request to:
ITC Leiden
AVG inspection request
Rapenburg 65 
mail: AVG@itc-leiden.nl

Privacy Statement – version 
This Privacy Statement was last changed on: 24 May 2018. ITC Leiden reserves the right, where necessary, to make changes to this privacy statement.