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ACADEMIC management of the Program

Prof. dr. Kees van Raad is the Academic Director of the Program. He is assisted by a Program Coordinator  and by teaching assistants (TAs) who teach work shops and tutorials throughout the Fall semester and occasionally during the Spring semester.

Kees van Raad is chairman of the International Tax Center Leiden, past Professor of International Tax Law at the University of Leiden and of counsel to Loyens & Loeff. He has been a member of IBFD’s Board of Trustees and belongs to the steering group for OECD’s International Network for Tax Research. Further, he is chairman of the International Fiscal Association’s Jury for the annual Mitchell B. Carroll Prize; past member (1986-2006) of its Permanent Scientific Committee, general reporter, member/chair of various IFA congress panels; and since August 2016 an Honorary Member of IFA. He was a member (1999-2012) and chairman (2006-2012) of the Executive Board of the European Association of Tax Law Professors and a member (2003-2015) of the Supervisory Board of the Max Planck Institute for Tax Law and Public Finance in Munich, Germany.

Courses: Adv LLM papersFundamentals of International Tax LawTax Treaties

ITC Leiden has operated since 2001 a highly successful system of employing within the ITC Leiden Teaching Assistants (TAs). Each year, three to five of our top students are selected to act after their graduation at the end of August, as TAs for the Fall semester of the new academic year, supplementing the courses taught during this period with workshops and tutorials. These TAs will stay in Leiden till Christmas to help out with the teaching and training of the newly arrived students. During the early years of the Program experience has shown that quite a few students suffer difficultly in quickly grasping concepts and approaches to which they were not or only little exposed in their previous university training and tax practice. By dealing with these deficiencies immediately through intensive additional training in the form of tutorials and by revisiting the subjects discussed in the lectures through case studies and workshops, the use of TAs has proven to be a highly effective means of securing the maximum result from the students. As a result, only in exceptional cases students fail the difficult exam in the Tax Treaty course and the students are well prepared for the courses that are taught after Christmas.  At the same time, the TAs themselves without exception consider the period they have worked as a TA within ITC Leiden as a unique time that is very gratifying personally, especially when dealing closely with the new students, and extremely helpful professionally in further mastering the complex subject of tax treaties while at the same time honing their communication skills. The following Adv LLM graduates have served as teaching assistant:

Fall 2019

Andy [Yueqi] Li

Ian Zahra

Phattaraphum Kulchatchai

Ying Xiao

Fall 2018

Anjalie Sinha

Eduardo Gutierrez

Giuseppe Patti

Konstantin Karaianov

Leon Wang

Ruben Cohen

Fall 2017

Bobby Savero

Christopher Bergedahl

Dalton Hirata

Irina Korobova

Mubareke Mahemuti

Shimeng Lan

Fall 2016

Anna Ratzenhofer

Dinis Tracana

Edgar Ruiz

Sara Vella Bonnici

Shaomei Chen

Suhas Sagar

Fall 2015

Pablo Angel

Paula Beneitez 

Timothy Borg Olivier

Pedro Luz 

Jessica (Chu) Shi

Fall 2014

Carlos González Lerena

Siddharth Párekh

Francesco Parlatore

Alex Wang

Ivan Zammit

Fall 2013

Gábor Baranyai

Rodrigo Flores

Sabrina (Xue) Li

Angele Muscat

Vigdís Sigurvaldadottir

Fall 2012

Kadambari Chari

Giampaolo Genta

Ignacio Gordillo

Rocio Rivas

Giselle Solis

Fall 2011

Rachel Galea

Monica Hernandez

Christoph Kuttner

Spyridon Lazanas

Francisco Matos

Fall 2010

Jia-Ying Chua

Jan Van Daele

José Guerra

Claudio Mazzoleni

Mónica Sada

Fall 2009

Laila Benchekroun

Yaroslav Ganzenko

Vivienne Ong

Alfonso Rivolta

Eduardo Torretti

Fall 2008

Chiara Bardini

Gustavo Carmona

John Ellul Sullivan

Carolina Landim

Fall 2007

Edward Attard

Severine Baranger

Bruno Carramaschi

Kathrin Egli

Jose Fernandes

Fall 2006

Paolo Arginelli

Christian Ellul

Priscila Silva

Alexandra Storckmeijer

Fall 2005

Walter Andreoni

Renata Fontana

Giancarlo Matarazzo

Mario Tenore

Fall 2004

Tiago C. Neves

Antonio Russo

Emiliano Zanotti

Fall 2003

David Francescucci

Stefano Grilli

Wolfgang Oepen

Fall 2002

Emidio Cacciapuoti

Raffaele Russo

Fall 2001

Andrea Ballancin

Juanita Bezzina

Jacob Rix

Riccardo Ubaldini


Program Staff

Jessica Maxwell Program Coordinator Adv LLM

Jennifer Kenters-Esteban Program Coordinator Adv LLM


Carol Schapira Manager Career Services & Alumni Relations